We translate your name into japanese in 15min.
Popular Japanese souvenir "SENJAFUDA"
Traditional Japanese travel good-luck charm, senjafuda,
protects those on a trip & makes great souvenirs!
Your own original design done in
just 15 minutes!
We translate
your name into Japanese characters

※ There is the case that a hue is different from the picture because of the natural materials.
The color of each and every milestone, etc. also different, so please understand 


Chose wood type and size
Your name

male female
We translate your name into Japanese KANJI
the back
Pattern +\300

(optional) BONJI (Lucky Charm ) for the back +\500
We recomend BONJI Lucky Charm for back

Bonji (Sanskrit characters) is a philosophical and literary language in Buddhism used as a lingua franca in the Indian cultural zone. Bonji was introduced with Buddhist scriptures and is said that there is a sacred power of Buddhism in characters themselves. 
It is said that you can receive help and divine from your guardian deity by carrying a guardian Bonji, which represents the deity of your zodiac.

Choose the strap or Necklace color(included in price)

necklace type →

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