We translate your name into japanese in 15min.

Traditional Japanese travel good-luck charm, senjafuda,
protects those on a trip & makes great souvenirs!
Your own original design done in
just 15 minutes!
We translate
your name into Japanese characters
Senjafuda strap with a name is very popular for tourists from abroad!
Senjafuda (literally "thousand shrine tags") are originally stickers or scraps of paper postedon the gates of shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan.
Senjafuda is the essence of iki. Iki is a Japanese aesthetic ideal that was developed in the Edo period (1603--1868) 
in the cities and refers to someone who is sophisticated yet unpretentious. 
Imagine stylish women and cool merchants on the streets, going about their business in kimono, 
with a small wooden senjafuda hanging on their belts or necks. That's iki and it's cool. (by Judit Kawaguchi)

Recommended points of Senjafuda are as following:
1. They are not bulky.
2. You can have your original strap in the world as your name is written on it with Chinese characters.
3. They are affordable price. (Medium size of cherry blossom, the most popular one, is \1,600 and higher.)
Johnny Depp


Whenever we make their name in Japanese characters, they are pleased, saying, gVery cool!h
You can wear kimono and take a photo with your Senjafuda! Free charge!

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Sakura (Cherry tree) most popular, nice memory for cherry blossoms!
ѐA Tsuge (Box tree) hardest. Good for keeping in the long term
h Kokutan (Ebony) cool! Often used for Traditional crafts.
@ There is the case that a hue is different from the picture because of the natural materials.
The color of each and every milestone, etc. also different, so please understand@

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